The Arts Academy Elementary Charter School provides a unique environment that fosters a creative, rigorous academic approach to learning and a development of talents in the arts. Built on passion, discipline, and a commitment to excellence, this integrative educational experience inspires all students to believe in who they are and in what they can accomplish. At the Arts Academy Elementary Charter School, two hours of every day are devoted to exploring the art forms.  Every student experiences dance, music, theatre and visual art every week.   

The founder Dr. Thomas Lubben, first founded the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts in 2003.  This school continues to be a resounding success with a 98% college acceptance rate.  In 2012, he founded the Arts Academy Middle School in Salisbury.  This school is at maximum enrollment already.  With the creation of an arts focused elementary school, a student with interest in the arts can explore, focus, and master an art form over a 13 year school career ... right here in the Lehigh Valley. 
Students journeying through this entire program will end up with over 4,000 hours of pre-professional artistic training at no cost to the family.


The Arts Academy Elementary Charter School will foster future leaders who embrace diversity and individuality and face challenges with integrity in our ever-changing global society. 


 The Arts Academy Elementary Charter School will provide a rich and comprehensive educational program for students in grades K-5 by employing an intensive artistic immersion program. A rigorous and traditional academic program will be enhanced with rich and varied weekly experiences in Dance, Instrumental Music, Visual Art, Vocal Music, Theatre and Gymnastics. Each student will be provided with a broad introduction to the arts in order to enhance their future academic success. 

 This is a tuition free public charter school!