Middle States Accreditation

Leadership Team


Aldo Cavalli, CEO

Cristal McCollum, Prinicpal

Brandon Leydic, Director of Operations

Janear Hankerson, Human Resources

Michele Banks, Special Education Coordinator

Jalen Rosario, Child Accounting Administrator

Dr. Angelo Senese, External Coordinator

Steering Committee

Rosalee Sabo, AAECS Board of Trustees

Lissa Scearce, 5th Gr. Teacher

Mary Kate Walter, 4th Gr. Teacher

Wendy Goldman, 3rd Gr. Teacher

Amy Seals, 2nd Gr. Teacher

Julie Mueller, 1st Gr. Teacher

Kalli Wardle, 1st Gr. Teacher

Amanda Russell, Theatre Teacher

Data Team

Megan Sabo, RtII Coordinator

Nick Krajcic, Math Coordinator

Lauren Dreher, Reading Specialist

Deb Thomas, Academic Support

AAECS Mission, Vision and Belief Statements


Steering Committee Finalizes Survey Analysis

Data Team Finalizes Baseline Data Analysis and Goal Objectives


Leadership Team presents Action Planning Template to Steering Committee

Principal submits request for Evaluation Visit

Steering Committee Begins Staff Survey Analysis


Data Team Presents Goal Objectives to Steering Committee for Feedback

Steering Committee Begins Parent Sruvey Analysis


Data Team Presents Draft Goals to Leadership Team, Steering Committee for Feedback


Data Team Presents Plan for Data Review and Goal Design


New Belief, Mission and Vission Statements Presented to Staff, Parents and Community

Data Team Drafts Plan for Goals


Board of Trustees Reviews and Approves Mission and Vision Statements


Mission and Vision Statements Shared with Staff and Parents for Feedback


Board of Trustees Reviews and Approves Belief Statements


Steering Committee Analyzes, Revises Mission and Vision Statements

Belief Statements Shared with Staff for Feedback


Leadership Team Presents Draft Belief Statements at 1st MSA Steering Committee Meeting

Leadership Team drafts Mission and Vision Statements


Seeking Volunteers for MSA Steering Commitee

Leadership Team Drafts Belief Statements


Staff Meeting

Announcement: MSA Application Approved! Our Work Begins!


MSA Candidacy Visit


MSA Application Submitted

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