At AAECS, technology skill development is integrated into the curriculum and utilized to improve differentiation and assessment. Students in kindergarten and first grade have access to i-pads in the classroom. These are used in math and reading learning centers and periodically as a class for benchmarking in reading and math. Students in second and third grade have access to Chromebooks as learning centers and for diagnostic testing. This year, we are investing in additional i-pads so that students in kindergarten, first and second grade will use them in centers. This investment will allow for more Chromebooks for students in third grade. Students in fourth and fifth grade have a 1:1 ratio with Chromebooks. 

All students access software through Clever, a secure dashboard that organizes the programs students use at each grade level. Clever facilitates SSO, or Single Sign-On, so students don't have to memorize different logins and passwords. Students sign into Clever by holding up their badge to their i-Pad or Chromebook camera. The badge, a unique QR code, is provided for each student. Teachers send home either printed badges or photographs of badges to parents to sign in with their students at home. See below for our AAECS Clever portal and more detailed instructions!